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Nursing homes are usually for elder care and people hand over their old parents to nursing home facilities as they need complete care and proper time to time medicines. But now most of the nursing homes are only concentrating on money rather than proper elder care.

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No one wants to get their loved one harmed. So, there is a need of proper visits and careful monitoring. Some common types of abuses are:

• General assault
• Sexual assault
• Deprivation of food, water and medicine
• Giving an unprescribed medicine to patients
• Over-medication
• Under-medication
• Cuts, Bruises or open sores
• Mistreatment
• Pushing, slapping, beating and shaking
Forcely keeping in one room

Look for some important signs if you suspect abuse:

• Medical Neglect
• Physical Neglect
• Lack of cleanliness
• Failure in provision of hygiene and nutrition
• Infections
• Failure to provide protection or health hazards

Apart from these physical abuses, it is necessary to check for signs of verbal and emotional abuse. These can be identified with these signs:

• If the patient appears upset
• If the patient does not speak or respond
• If showing abnormal behavior like biting nails or shivering
• If the patient wants to be left alone
• If the patient ignoring and humiliating friends and family

It is very much important to rectify these abuses before its too late. If you detect any of these above signs, then first you should talk to the nursing home care provider to stop these abuses and if they continue in this, then hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer and file a case against them.